'Hannah Yukon'

Cosmic Kitty(CK) is a Lyran Star Seed and intergalactic Lightworker. On Earth she is a musician, actor, writer, and model. She is on a mission to end the continuation of plastic production as it pertains to ending slaughterhouses, homelessness, poverty, war, and slavery, specifically in that order through her queer-loving art collective, Titties, and interdisciplinary play space, Liberatory Learners. She works with international artists, non-profits, women of color owned businesses and their families to create global healing hubs that promote community recycling initiatives, critical thinking, and transformative dialogue practices that shift away from matrix-led paradigms towards life-giving community rooted gatherings, performances, and raves. '

About CK

Born in New Zealand and raised in Singapore, Cosmic Kitty (C.K) is a queer POC hybrid multidisciplinary artist who creates music, filmic narratives, theatrical comedic absurdist plays, interactive games and performance art that challenges the inter-connectivity between lineage, knowledge and creation. Her work confronts capitalism and its hold on the subconscious in relation to building intimacy and vulnerability between people. Her chapbook ATOA: A Meditative Poem Through the Alphabet won the Southeast Review Editors Choice Chapbook Competition. She received an MFA in Writing from Pratt Institute and an MA in Community Development and Planning from Clark University where she also completed her B.A in Theatre Arts and Women and Gender Studies. Her folk synth album Everything is Pencil that critiques the fast-food-pharmaceutical-prison-plastic slave driven war machine is now available on Spotify under Ana Not Ana. To engage with more of her work, please visit